Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shopping Day

I know there is some debate about allowance....should they work for it, should they just get it because they are part of the family....and I don't know the answer.

I'm too unorganized to keep track of what I owe someone so we have chores and allowance, but they are completely seperate things.

$1 goes to savings, $1 to church, the rest on whatever...

decisions, decisions, decisions.  We've learned a lot from this.

Finding something that you can afford, liking what you buy, math, change, taxes, regret, joy.

One of the girls dropped another's water bottle in the pond at the park today, so her allowance went to replacing the water bottle....(and I stand corrected, they were $13, the smaller ones were $8.)

One magic wand ($5), one pink princess Bible($9.99), and one set of magnets you paint(4.99).....priceless???? We shall see.

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