Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Culture

We went to third Friday over in Independence, MO last Friday. Sheri has some of her artwork in the West End Gallery.

On the way, the radio was playing some blues and Summer commented on how she liked the music.

"this sounds like country music", was her comment. I explained the type of music and then scanned the radio for different genres of music. Each time I asked them if they liked it, they said, "yes!".

That'll change, I'm sure.

When the girls got dressed to go earlier in the evening, they were trying some interesting styles. I didn't say anything, though, in the spirit of artistic expression.

Savannah had put a stretchy headband around her neck that looked like a choker, and a purple hair tie around her wrist to look like a bracelet. Hmmmmm..... She didn't sport the accessories in this pic. Summer's outfit was interesting too. See for yourself.

Her mismatched pants were also a tad high water....

..and then there was Max, who didn't get to choose his outfit.

We all had so much fun! Visiting with artists, talking about different artwork, eating snacks, and playing with Lily, the dog.

We drove home in an incredible thunderstorm, and arrived right at sunset to see a huge cumulonimbus cloud breaking apart with a pink outline....lightening flashing like firecrackers from every direction, and cool air.

Conversation topics were endless...what does minimum speed limit mean? Can we go to the carnival in a thunderstorm? Mom, are you driving the speed limit? Do you see that cloud? Where are the stars?....Are you driving 65 miles per hour?....Are you going slower than 40 miles per hour? Gotta love my 7 year old backseat driver.

It was a great night, with a little bit of culture.

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