Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving Water

Science With Water (Science Activities)

This experiment had 2 parts

1. Testing materials that soak up "all the water", "some of the water" or "none of the water. We tested a sponge, newspaper, a magazine cover, diaper, plastic bag, and a paper towel.

We looked at the materials with the magnifying glass to see the little holes in the material that soaks up the water. Then we walked around the house and talked about why certain materials were used for certain functions.

For example: Max's crib mattress is plastic instead of cloth.....why?
Toilet paper, mop, umbrella, and fish tank were some examples.

2) We saw ways we can make water move. First, I filled up one glass with water and put a strip of material's end in the water and the other end in an empty glass. We are observing how the water is moving from one glass to another.

We siphoned dish water from one sink to the other

Finally, we talked about how plants are watered by water traveling up from the roots to the plants.

I was so excited to find a 4 pack of white Gerber daisies at the store.
Each girl picked their own color. We started with them looking like this.....

I put one celery stalk in the colored water as well. The water had completed it's route up the celery overnight,

But the daisies were looking pretty sad and not yet colored. So, I cup the stems much shorter and observed that the colored water had only made it half way up the stem.

However, after cutting the stems, the color was showing within an hour!

I can't wait to see them tomorrow!

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