Friday, August 13, 2010

Bags For Stuff

I hate games and toys with a million pieces that get scattered all over my house- but yet I love the games when they are played with. You can't play with them if the pieces are all scattered over the house. But I will not throw them away if I find them valuable!

So when my Mom bought Max a cute little wooden train with about 20 pieces, she made him a bag to put them all in as well. I liked it so much I thought we could have more bags.

Bags for Barbies and their clothes
Bags for floor puzzles whose boxes have been broken.
Bags for games with several pieces.
Bags for balls.
Bags for learning blocks and rods.

She made them with material from the Et Cetra shop and I got some from the Hobby Lobby clearance rack....I didn't really care what it looked like because we were going to add our artwork anyway. I just wanted a nice thick material.

They are sewn to put a drawstring in but I may just use Velcro for some, depending on what is in them. To decorate, we just went to the Hobby Lobby fabric paint isle and found fabric markers, glitter, paint, and glue for jewels.

MAYBE, just maybe we will be a little more inspired to put things away with our super cool bags that everyone helped make.

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