Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Once and a while the girls will get on a hangman kick.

Sometimes they like to guess the word, but other times they like to have me guess.

I had only a few minutes to play a quick game with Savannah this morning, and she wanted me to guess.

The word was tornadoes.  First, she said there was not an "s", but then she said there was. Then, she put the "r" in the wrong place. Finally, she realized that she didn't have enough spaces. She wanted to start over, but I didn't have time for another game.

We have been keeping a word chart, writing some words we talk about in order to learn spelling and alphabetical order. So, I thought we could add potential hangman words to this in order to minimize spelling errors, and therefore being a little more efficient (for me!)

Our word chart looks like this:

They played hangman all day.

Hangman on the chalkboard, hangman on printer paper,
hangman in the garage........

And the "largest hangman game EVER"...all the way up the sidewalk beyond our property line.

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