Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today Is Very Boring

Today Is Very Boring
Today is very boring,
it's a very boring day,
there is nothing much to look at,
there is nothing much to say,
there's a peacock on my sneakers,
there's a penguin on my head,
there's a dormouse on my doorstep,
I am going back to bed.

Today is very boring,
it is boring through and through,
there is absolutely nothing
that I think I want to do,
I see giants riding rhinos,
and an ogre with a sword,
there's a dragon blowing smoke rings,
I am positively bored.

Today is very boring,
 I can hardly help but yawn,
there's a flying saucer landing
in the middle of my lawn,
a volcano just erupted
less than half a mile away,
and I think I felt an earthquake,
it's a very boring day.

-Jack Prelutskey, The New Kid on the Block

The air conditioning busted and I couldn't stand it so we went to Mom and Dad's....what would we do without them?

It's fun at Grandma's house but not quite as fun when it is so HOT and we can't be outside.

I felt like we were a little bored. I read the girls this poem and then we added a few lines of our own.

"Today is very boring,
there is a unicorn in the bathtub."

"Today is very boring,
there is a dinosaur on the trampoline."

"Today is very boring,
my hair just turned rainbow colors."

"Today is very boring,
I saw a spider as big as a tractor."

We had a good laugh. We weren't so bored anymore.

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  1. Wendi, I love how you are teaching your kids. You are so inventive! How about the relationship between air and water, and how air makes things buoyant? I see you have quite the water children. Can they lie on their backs in the water, completely motionless, and stay afloat? If you keep your head back and concentrate on breathing in and out, you can stay that way almost indefinitely, and you'll sink or rise slightly depending on how much air is in your lungs. But you probably already know that, as great as your lessons are!