Tuesday, June 10, 2014


She remembers these things. Long ago, I was either too lazy to make breakfast or plumb out of food, but we stopped at the local kolache bakery. I'm just curious.. is it normal to have kolache bakeries in your neighborhood?

Anyway, we do! We ate them, and she never forgot. I have not been back, for a reason unknown to everyone except my inner stubbornness to not buy something that I am capable of making myself.  It only took about two years to get around to doing it.

She picked two things to work on this summer: piano and baking. First thing on the list to bake: kolaches. Even then, I didn't get around to it and she has made one batch of chocolate chip cookies and four batches of snickerdoodles, but tonight was kolache trial #1. Not bad, although I think I over-baked them while reading Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle from the back bedroom. Who knows how long the beeper was going off before we actually heard it.

So, I'm not writing to promote a wonderful recipe, but rather log my memory. I know she will remember.

It had just stopped raining for the second day in a row with a high of 68 degrees in June. The windows were open, letting in the soothing sounds of the sweet, cool breeze. Supper was ready, and we had a few minutes to whip up a batch of sweet dough, just for the fun of it. One child was listening to music on a tablet, one practicing her marble game, and the boy on the front steps waiting for Daddy's car to appear down the street.

That moment was the sweetest one of the day. My soul was at rest. Oh, to live right there in rest. I was not offended, not worried, not planning anything, and completely ignoring the things needed to be done but couldn't right now.

My children are confused with my feelings toward them. "Mom, is it hard to have children?" they ask.
I cannot lie. "Yep."
"Then you wish you never had us?"
"Never! You are exactly what I want!"
"But you said it is hard."
"Baby, the hard things are the very best things." I smile.

I have a good life. The best part is, few can see it, because it is the small things that make it good. Today it was the kolache.