Friday, August 6, 2010

Art Fiasco And Other Mom Stories

We found this kaleidoscope at the World Market. The girls LOVE it!

So when I found this art project, the kaleidoscope name design from Teach Kids Art, I thought it would be perfect.

I started out folding the paper in the triangles and writing their names for them, then they would continue to trace over the names. Pretty simple....but managing 4 different projects at once suddenly became more than I could handle.
"Make sure you follow the lines!"
"Keep the papers together!"
"Put the scrap paper under your project so I don't get Sharpie on my table!"

So many things ya just don't think about.

Brooke wouldn't do hers, which was fine with me. That way I got to do some coloring. I just wanted to finish tracing her name in Sharpies. I was standing up, still had pajama pants on that were too big when Max crawls over and pulls down my pants. I was too focused, I didn't move.

The girls burst out laughing- except for Summer.
"Mama! What beautiful panties you have on!"

Max then tried to pull them back up until I finished and re-dressed.

I don't think they'll forget this art project soon.

They didn't turn out exactly like a kaleidoscope, but I was proud of all of them.

I put them in their shoe cubbies in an attempt to get them to put their shoes away.
Brooke didn't like it that I colored her oo's an ugly color. I guess she should have done it then, huh?

Later in the evening, I notice the backyard was filled with shoes, toys, and water balloons and I instructed them to go pick up.

After a few minutes I realized they needed some reminders so I did... possibly raising my voice a little.

"I'm setting the timer for FIVE minutes and you'd better be done picking up or....."

THREE minutes later I go to give them one last warning, completely expecting them to be screwing around again, but instead I am greeted by a clean back yard and THIS.....

They felt so proud. I felt so unworthy.

I worked today but Friday is pajama party night and I didn't have anything for supper.

I gathered everyone up and we went to the grocery store to get some food and stop at Red Box. They were having a HUGE sale. I have never seen the grocery store so busy.

We started a-shopping when suddenly Ellie starts digging in my purse for a tissue. I was annoyed. I wanted to get my shopping done.

Then I saw the blood coming out of her nose. She started to panic. We were quite a ways away from the bathroom and I did NOT have a tissue, so we started trucking it- all 6 of us- to the bathroom. Max had found his way out of his seat belt as usual so I was holding him, pulling the cart, and instructing everyone else to HURRY UP!

Meanwhile, Ellie is screaming and by this time it looks like someone had punched her right in the nose.

We cleaned her up,

finished our shopping,

got our movie,

and had a wonderful pajama party.


Savannah drew this picture as a memorial of our fun grocery trip

Memories? We've got 'em!

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  1. I alternate between laughing and going "awwww..." No pictures of you doing art in your panties though?
    I always enjoy seeing what you're up to.