Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Place Value Folder

Here is a hands on way to teach place value:

You need a folder, 30-40 index cards, glue or stapler

1. Cut 4 index cards small enough so that you can place them across an open folder, 2 on each side but long enough to be able to stick a card in the pocket.

2. Glue or staple the sides to make pockets.

3. On each of the 4 cards, write the place value in a word and numeral, e.g. thousands (1000's), hundreds (100's) etc.

4. Write a single digit on each of the remaining cards so that you can read them vertically. 3-4 of each number, including 0.

5. The child can either use this when learning with worksheets, or you can practice with them by asking them to show you a number. For example, show me 3,460. Then they put the cards in the correct pockets. You can then ask, "which number is in the ten's place?", etc.

6. When you are done, just fold up your folder

and put it in a file until later!

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