Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spider Day

It's Thursday....the day I usually *crash*. sigh. So Thursdays I like to do more fun like crafts and outings...and gymnastics will start soon. That's a chore in itself so Thursday is kinda like a day off...but then not really.

So, we have been learning about spiders. We have a few books, encyclopedias, web searches, and there is a great resource here.

Yesterday, Summer made these cookies she had found in a High Five magazine....

"Cute, but not really I spider", I thought.

Only one body we made our own spiders today

Complete with jeweled eyes, spinners, jaws, and lots of knees.

Spiders have 48 knees. We didn't count, but there are a lot of knees here.

I gave them limited instructions and they all turned out different, which is good since there are thousands of species of spiders, and they are very different.

And then, yesterday I had remembered that Jelly Telly had an excellent piece on spiders, but was very disappointed to find that it was not available in the archives. BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! It was on the show TODAY!!! perfect.

Savannah loves to tie things, so she decided to make webs.

In the afternoon, a spider hunt at Ernie Miller

The girls declared it "spider day". After supper, Summer said, "We didn't have school today!"

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