Monday, August 9, 2010

Water Trips

I've resolved to quit complaining about how I never get to go on a long vacation since my husband is self-employed, so I'm going to start planning mini-vacations and drives for family time.

Since we are studying water, we are going around and looking at different types of water- rivers, ponds, creeks.

On Saturday we went to Parkville park to look at the Missouri river.

Savannah played some Solitaire

Brookie lips.

"It's too hot to move."

And here we are at the river. They were unimpressed...probably because it was soooooo hot!
Now off to Sonic for ice cream!

So then for school we looked at the map to find different rivers and lakes we had been to. We cross the Kansas river each time we go to the YMCA. Marion Lake is by Grandma and Grandpa's... and so on.

We won't be having long vacations, but we will be getting to know Kansas/Missouri better!

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