Thursday, August 5, 2010

School At the Pool

We are studying water during the month of August. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the pool as much as possible to experiment with what we've learned.

Most of my ideas came from these 2 books:
So far, we have:
poured water in different containers to see how it forms the different shapes of vases, bottles, and tubes.

played with water balloons to see how the water is shaped like the balloon until it pops, and then it falls on the ground

studied density and floating by weighing yogurt cups filled water first, and then other items, making a hypothesis of whether it will float or sink, then testing it in water.

shaped clay to make it sink or float.

studied buoyancy, upthrust of water, and how water levels change when something is placed in the water.

What will float?

Buoyancy....picking Brookie up in air and then in water

Pulling a bucket full of water like a tug boat...
Watching water levels rise when we all jump in the baby pool

Curling up in a ball vs. floating on her back

....and just playing around.....

"I'm going to surf on my board!"
"Why is the baby pool hotter than the big pool?"
"Look at my cannon ball!"
"I can see you under water!"
"Can I float in this big bucket?"
"Swimming is my favorite thing EVER!!!"

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  1. Hi Wendi, it's Dawn, Joel's fiancee. Love your blog, what great ideas you have for teaching your kids about things they need to know. You have beautiful children and it looks like they are having lots of fun at the pool!
    I just started a blog...please feel free to check it out. It's on and it's called Life on the Mini-Farm.