Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boat Making

Our experiment today included boat making.

First we talked about cargo ships and submarines.
The girls liked this experiment:

Fill a can up with water to show how a submarine sinks

Then blow air in it with a straw to make it come up again.

Then I asked them to make their own boats and fill out a page that has a picture of their boat, and answer the questions:

1. Does it float?
2. Does it move?
3. If it moves, how?
4. Does it carry cargo?

The picture that Ellie drew looked NOTHING like this! It did look like a ship, though! She told me that she had a horn and a telescope. It didn't float. I don't think it even stayed together, but she did use a TON of creativity! I love to see what is going on in their minds.....

None of them worked. Not even mine. I put a motor on it but we couldn't get the wires to stay on the battery to get it to move.

It's okay, though because there was a lot of problem solving going on.
And we got to play in water some more!

Then we saw pictures of this ship from a Yahoo story. It is nice to have an Internet story that goes along with your experiments!

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