Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Day.

It started when Max woke me up early this morning. I rocked him, he smiled at me. "Sleep with Daddy?"
I don't argue with that when I'd rather be sleeping. I went to the love seat.

I woke up at 8:30. Yes, 8:30. No one else was awake, so I shut my eyes and wondered how long it would last. Not long after, I hear the opening of a door and running feet. My Brookie. She's always the first up. I hugged her so tight and stared at her smile. This is my favorite time with her.

Next, I heard Max trying to talk to his Daddy. Daddy was completely unresponsive since his work ended just hours before, but Max kept on talking...loudly.  He welcomed me with a huge smile. What a happy sight in the morn.

The other two kept sleeping....and sleeping....and finally our table was surrounded by two cheery little ones and two sleepy heads. My plan was to get these kids out of the house so Daddy has a few more hours of quiet rest. But it never fails. Whenever we are getting ready to leave him alone, we cause so much commotion and he wakes up right before we leave. So he joined us.

There is something sweet about watching a Daddy play with his kids, watching him taking them for a walk, and watching him watching them. I went to the car to get a camera but they all followed me. No pictures today.

I came home, mandated a quiet time, and cuddled up with with Savannah while she did math.

Laundry, washing windows, uploading pictures........Mr. Bean cracked up Max during supper. It's movie night but one episode of Mr. Bean is about all I had the energy for. I was so grateful that my neighbors gave me a few brownies. It was a chocolate kind of night.

Summer pretended to be Mr. Bean with her teddy bear. She made bear turn away when she undressed for her bath.

At bedtime, the girls wanted a slumber party in their room. Max wanted to join them, so every time I tried to take him to bed he'd play opossum.

It was a happy day. A day perfect to soak in the blessings. A day to dream. A day to fill up love tanks. A day to shorten the to-do list. A day to just live.

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