Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I recently started wearing daily contacts. Love 'em. But that isn't what's on my mind.

Sometimes I glance at a word or a group of words and my brain scrambles up the letters, producing some curious reads. One devotional on my facebook yesterday was titled "Ash Heap Christians". In the split second before my second glance I thought someone had written a devotional about cheap ass Christians. I'm sure there is a devotional worthy of that title somewhere, but that's not on my mind either.

Eight years ago my landscaping was cookie cutter plain. As I could afford, I'd pick up a plant here and there- perennials or seeding flowers preferably since I was cheap. This year I am able to sit back and enjoy. My vision of a bountiful flower and herb garden, sedum corner, and living rock wall have been accomplished.

Today was a most beautiful day to enjoy and pull weeds.

Before each child I knew they were coming.

I saw myself working at my workplace of 12 years before I stepped foot in it.

Visions often precede reality.

My new visions overwhelm me. I am processing them slowly. I have a HUGE God that is only limited by my doubt...unwillingness....selfishness....by me. God, help me to decrease so that you increase because I don't want to miss a second of this.

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