Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Small, So Big

My tantrum is over. Not that it was terrible....God was so good to us this weekend. I think my husband's smile has not left his face yet. There we sat, in a room full of beautiful Laotian families that were all brothers and sisters in Christ. We didn't know most of them but yet felt at home. Of course, I didn't know what was said half the time. I was clueless and my husband sat there soaking it all in. "Laotian" and "Christian" are not two words that have gone together often for us. I am so happy for him, and I am so thankful for our friends.

We were doubly blessed by a lunch by "the pond" with Dad's family. I love it out there. So peaceful, so beautiful, so...Kansas. Oh, and there is always something about nature to learn there.

Moving plans are going full force. There is a lot to do in very little time. But none of this is a problem. Relationship troubles, finances, logistics...they are not a problem.

All it takes is to go to church expecting a study but instead being blessed by a testimony that blows all of my "problems" out of the water. I was supposed to be there tonight. We were supposed to go to the Lao camp this weekend. We were supposed to be refreshed in the country as well. And God won't stop there. The message I left with tonight was, "God will come through." Storms will come, but God will come through. All he needs is for us to stick with him and not let go of our vision. God will come through.

Perspective is what it takes. Expect more, and keep expecting because the biggest storms are nothing to God. He will come through.

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