Friday, September 23, 2011


Introvertism....(spell check says it isn't a word.)  It very well describes me.

I wonder why. Was it how I was made? Was it due to my upbringing? I'm sure the experts would say a little of both.

I want to share something with the world, I just don't want to put it all out there. I love people- the real people especially. The ones that can laugh at themselves and admit they are not perfect. The ones that make decisions NOT based on what everyone else might think.

The problem is that I've met plenty that chose to inflict their opinion on me, so forgive me for keeping to myself.  I have my quirks. I feel uneasy around perfect hair or houses decorated to match couch cushions and curtains.

If you'd like to come over and criticize my decor, fine. I just won't invite you again.

I love ugly sweaters. Especially used ones.

Old furniture with a few nicks and chips on the paint. Priceless.

People- especially children- that innocently express their uniquenesses.

I used to think introvertism was bad. (I have a I like it.) I like being influenced by those I choose. I like my deep thoughts. I love quiet. I don't mind being different. I'm so thankful I don't have to fit into anyone else's box.

But continue to be frustrated by those that insist on it.

Or those that think it is a disease.

Here's another secret. I've always wanted to be old so I could be free to act a little crazy and wear hats all the time. (Now I've realized that what I thought was old really isn't very old and I'd have to wait way too long for that so....34 is the new old.)

I'm the crazy charismatic Mennonite born again Christian that homeschools her kids and wears sweater dresses over her jeans. My kids and I have a blast at Goodwill. And we make our own soap. I'm not such a great homemaker...I'd rather be painting or going for a walk in a forest somewhere. I can be very logical but I'd rather not. God doesn't always work logically, and can't always work through logic.

I go wild over praying mantises and spider webs.

I absolutely love children's art.

Another secret... one reason why I love to be around children is because I can act crazy and they love it. Why do I keep making excuses to live like I have a few loose screws?

Can I shout this from the hills? There is much more to a person than what we see. I think the best way to crush a little introvert's spirit is say, "He's just so quiet and shy." And just leave it at that. Just look and make a conclusion. Introverted children need someone to dig and prod until something comes out, and then for that someone to celebrate what they have found.

For me, I can deal with introvertism ignorance. For a child, they will just think something is wrong with them. At least that was my experience.

Ask a few more questions.

Embrace quirkiness.

Understand them.

Celebrate them.

And this could change one's perspective about their value.


  1. Hmmm....I think our Derek is an introvert! A friend pointed out the other day he didn't answer a yes/no question, but answered when a more detailed answer was needed. (maybe just the moment. I need time to study him) Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Hi Wendi
    I am a fellow blogger and an introvert as well.I thought introverts did not get married. Simply because we never meet anyone or at lest I don't. Maybe it is a misconception on my part. And to read that you are married with children is great. I have always felt alone and been alone, and concluded that I was the only strange one in the whole wide world. I have only had the internet connection for a few months, and while searching the net I came across the word introvert. Read all about it, I realized they where describing me. But it is strange how much better I feel since knowing now what is wrong with me.My blog address if interested