Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Traits

We are a learning family. Many questions are asked, many interesting conversations are had.

Something I find super neat about home school is how things just fall into place when I need it to. This is especially fantastic since my organizational skills are lacking at times. Coincidence? Absolutely not. God is my curriculum director- from school books to reading books to what happens to be in the news to bugs on a walk. I am so blessed.

Recently we have had questions about physical traits- brown skin, slanted eyes, curly hair, big lips. Why is Mommy the only white person in the family? Except for Ellie... who is my niece but resembles me more than a few of my kids.

And what do you know.

The science topic was traits- first species then traits within a species... what can mix and what can't.... and finally using house cats as an example of one species with different traits, comparing two different offspring.

So starts the family traits conversation.

Savannah looks most like me but has the darkest skin, Summer looks most like my husband but has the lightest skin and curly hair. And Brooke is aaaaallllll mixed up. My eyes, Dad's nose, Dad's lips, my smile. We studied hair, eyes and feet.

All beautifully different, yet alike. Family traits are pretty neat.

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