Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas and Giving

The nudge to give has grown stronger and stronger for me. I mean, not just once and a while, but a way of life. Well, sometimes it's a nudge and sometimes a push. I have lived without before, and am terrified of going through it again. I'm starting to get the hang of it.

During the K-Love pledge drive, Savannah was describing the process to me.

"First, they say all the telephone numbers, then, you hit send...."
"And THEN, all of your money disappears. All of it!" Brookie finishes for her.

Yes, giving can feel like that.

A few weeks later, there was a service organization handing out candy in the front of Wal-Mart and taking collections. On the way out, I gave each of the children something to give back to them. Savannah was so excited to give away her money.

"Oh, I just love to pay money when you get nothing!"

Sometimes it feels like that, too.

God knows us so well. He knows what we are ready for. It started out small. A few bucks here and there, and started growing. I've learned that if you know you should, you'd better do it. I've learned that God is faithful, and that he takes care of us when we genuinely take care of others.

And it has become very clear to me that I do have much. I am blessed. And if you are reading this from your own computer you are too. I have money for food, I have a car, I have plenty of clothes, I have much. My needs are all met. So when we complain about what we wish we had, isn't that a slap in the face to those without- and to Him who has blessed us?

I have been given much. I am rich. And I should live with this attitude to be thankful that even though I have done so little to deserve it, I can share with others because I am taken care of, I have enough resources to make something happen, I am victorious. God is so good.

This realization has made me more thankful, more happy, and more at peace. I wonder how would thanking God change the world?

So this morning I was getting the kids ready so I could go buy some paint. For some reason, I found myself on the computer looking up Operation Christmas Child to make sure I wasn't missing the deadline. I was planning to put a box together at some point.

I read through the site, and I was nudged again.

God: You need to do this today.
Me: Okay. That sounds like fun.
God: You need one box for each of your kids.
Me: ooooh, kay.
God: You need to spend as much on each box as you would on each of your children.
Me: .......................k.

Now, let me just say that I don't go broke over Christmas. My kids get presents, but nothing extravagant. A) because I don't like a lot of extra stuff to deal with B) because Christmas isn't just about opening presents C) I'm not rich I mean, I have a budget.

In addition, I happened to have a surprisingly increased amount in my checking account at this time in the month. Now, I could have used it up quickly by paying off some debt, but at that point and time, there was money sitting in my account.

It was clear. No one could ever convince me that there is not a personal God. It was just too clear.

We prayed for what to get since we don't know the children, but God does.

Each child was responsible for one box that would be given to a child their age and gender.

We found some snazzy wrapping paper.

And plastic shoe boxes on sale! (Sorry, camera phone.)

All kinds of presents And my heart stopped beating only for a few seconds when the cashier reported to total. Yep, about my Christmas budget for my children. Thank God I had it.

And now we have four bulging shoe boxes, ready to drop off.

I was so blessed. I hope everyone gets to do this. I think a day should be made of it. It should be a national holiday. Go ahead, take your kids out of school! (That's what we did!)

More giving has made me feel so much more blessed, more at peace, and has filled me with joy. I wonder how the world would change if people gave more?

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