Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Great Is Our God

I love different cultures. I love looking at the world at a different perspective than what I've grown to know. I am attracted to people that look different and talk different and sometimes think different. Oh, and eat different.

Yet it comes down to the fact that we are still people. We still have hopes, needs, dreams, fears, and loves.

It thrills me that I can connect with someone who was born half way across the world, someone who didn't even speak English until he was 12. We not only connect as friends, but as partners.

But I'm not just talking about my husband. No one culture fascinates me, they all do!

What really gives me the chills, though, is when I meet someone who was born across the ocean, who speaks a different language, but is my brother or sister because we both love Jesus. There is a connection that cannot be described. How great is our God.

That is why I love this song- How Great is Our God- world edition. My sharing with You Tube seems to not be working right, so I've linked it here. I hope it blesses you, too!

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