Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ten Best Toys

At our local children's museum, they have a display of the ten best toys of all time.

More "best toys" are here.

I painted all day, and when I was painting, I had to make sure Max was entertained. I also had time to think about random stuff. So I came up with my list of 10 best toys. Some of these kept Max entertained today!

10. A hose. You can fill up buckets, spray it, watch the water run out it to the ground, and drink out of it!
9. The salad spinner. They actually make toys that work the same way! And this one can spin lettuce, too!.
8. A pile of dirt. We enjoy the time they are occupied, but we pay for it later.
7. Shoes. Really. Hours of entertainment.
6. Bath water. Water is fascinating.
5. Pea gravel. A new treasure hunt every day.
4. Refrigerator magnets. I must admit, I play with them, too.
3. Junk. One person's junk is a child's imaginary invention station.
2. Hats. I never knew someone could get so excited about a hat.
1. Vacuum sweepers. Especially the ones with the hose to reach down in the corners. So they can try to suck their skin up.

Do you have any best toys to add to the list?

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