Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Opinion: On Food (Part 3-Good, Better, Best)

So with all that stuff said, this is my passion. Creating a healthy environment for my family.

I have not perfected it yet. I probably never will. At least trying makes it better.

I believe in the good, better, and best method.

It is good to eat. Eating something is better than skipping a meal.
It is better to make grilled chicken with a side of asparagus  and rice than a donut.
It is best if the grilled chicken had no added hormones, if the asparagus was certified organic, and if the rice was wild.

I find that as I keep this in mind, I climb my way up the latter toward the best as far as I can go. When the budget is tighter, I go with what is on sale. If I  have a little flexibility, I spring for the healthier stuff.


In teaching child nutrition, the green light, yellow light, and red light tool has been used. Green is a food you can eat anytime, yellow foods are good for you but need to be limited to sometimes, and red foods should only be eaten once and a while. We keep a fruit bowl that is for anytime. We eat meals at specific times during the day to prevent overeating. We have a dessert every Friday.

If these eating events become a routine, it is a household way of doing things instead of something preached. Pre-made desserts can be eliminated from the grocery list and out of mind (at least more so). Kids can pick out their favorite fruit bowl fruits. Sit down meals can be enjoyed often.

The likelihood of healthy children is best when coming from a healthy family.

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