Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Food Day!

Everyone has to eat, so we have to cook. I think cooking is the perfect way to learn! Kids can learn at any age with cooking and eating!

Our "chef" this week is Brooke. She's 3. Even though she is the "head chef", the others ask to be the "sous chefs" (well, they say shoe chef cause they think it's funny) and Brooke graciously welcomes the help.

This morning we made pancakes. Brooke measured the 2 cups flour. She worked on her motor skills to spoon the flour in the measuring cup and then level it off. She also stirred quite a bit.

Summer helped with the teaspoon and tablespoon measurements. She found the correct spoons to use and correctly leveled them off. She also broke the eggs and mixed them. We have been doing this long enough that Summer (age 5) needs little supervision as long as it does not involve knives or heat.

We watched the liquid of the pancake batter heat and turn to a solid.

Then we got to eat them. Yay!

We had a really easy lunch...frozen burritos. This was great for Brookie. She simply counted 6 burritos and put them on the pan, 3 on each side. We had talked about even and odd numbers recently, so I asked the girls if 6 was an even or odd number and showed how there were 2 equal sides.

Then we got to eat our work again.

Today was a special day because it was the first time Max ate cereal!! We all sat around and watched how he reacted to the new eating method. Funny faces, spitting out food, but he liked it and grunted when I wasn't fast enough.

For supper, we had quesadillas. Brookie chose this even though we had burritos for lunch. I like making quesadillas because it is kid friendly. This is how we make them:

1. First, everyone needs to wash their hands. When they scrub, we sing the ABC song to make sure we've scrubbed long enough.

2. Then we melt about 2T butter in the microwave. Brooke can work on her number recognition by punching in the numbers I tell her.

3. Their favorite part: "painting" the butter on the tortillas. I use multi grain tortillas to add some fiber.

4. Then we flip over the tortilla and spread some cheese on...we don't measure it but it was about 1/2 cup of cheese on each tortilla. One bag of cheese made 4 quesadillas.

5. Place the second tortilla on and paint it as well.

6. Place quesadilla in a heated skillet, turned to medium heat and sprayed with cooking spray. Heat until browned, flip, brown, and remove.

7. I use a pizza cutter to cut into pieces. Here is Savannah cutting her quesadilla in half. We talked about how we could get 6 equal pieces.

8. Finally, we got to eat! Tuesday night at supper I try to have a Mexican-ish type dish and we talk some Spanish. Things like por favor, gracias, counting, different types of food, etc.

They like to eat their corn frozen, so it makes it a really easy meal.

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