Monday, November 30, 2009

It's all about priorities

I believe we are here for a purpose. I believe in intelligent design, not only in creation, but also in the everyday events. I believe in individual gifts and talents. I believe that God does not compare us to each other, he looks at his particular purpose for us. I believe it, but some days are harder than others to live it.

Personally, for me, my purpose is to be the best wife and mother possible right now. I didn't plan for any of these kids, but that does not matter. I have them so therefore it is my responsibility to be a mom.

But what does that really mean? Is it a spotless house? Is it wonderful meals? Is it the appearance of everything put together? Maybe partially. But really, if you take all of the responsibilities of this job and add up the time it takes to do them all it would probably add up to a 36 hour workday, oh, and you must always look great and have a smile on your face...don't yell at the kids, be available for whatever your husband needs help with and be a good friend....oh, and don't forget volunteering at church or other good causes....must I go on?

It is really easy for me to feel like a failure when I start comparing and seeing all of the great things other moms are doing. So, I'd rather get a laugh out of it.

This is what my house looks like currently:

Well hello there, Barbie...still here? Right in the middle of the entry way? Glad you combed your hair today.

I can preach constantly...Don't just put your shoes in a pile, put them in your room where they belong! And hang up your coat! Oh, wait....I see some of my shoes back there, too. Oops.

My kitchen table. This will be cleaned up yet. I should be cleaning it now, but this is more fun.

This is a stack of papers that has been sitting here for a week and a half. Each time I pass it, I think, "oh, I need to go through those.." but somehow it is still there.

Somebody's wings. And another pair of my shoes!!!! These are my Docs I got back in '96 or so. I just got them out again recently. I got my (Mom's) money out of those.

This is also a nice picture of the spots on my carpet.

Does anybody else get annoyed by half eaten apples? I didn't even see this one until after bedtime.

10:30 and the coffee pot is still on....just in case!

It's gonna be a long night......

I also have a message on my voicemail saying that I missed my dentist appointment today.

So, was today that bad? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

Today I got to :

  • See several beautiful pictures that the girls drew for me

  • Find new ways to make Max laugh

  • Listen to my 5 year old read to me

  • see my husband's encouraging smile, he even put his arm around my waist...little things like that can make a mommy's day!

  • Watched the girls race down the sidewalk as we walked around the block...Brookie was yelling "we will obey you, Mommy! You can still see me!"

  • Played an exciting game of charades...I love to see girls giggle.

  • Complete math word problems that my 6 year old begged me to do with her (even got us late to bed..hence, the dirty table)

  • Read our book- a chapter book by the fireplace. I didn't think they were listening, but it was about a picnic...

  • and then I got to listen to my 3 year old thank God for picnics.

Yes, it is all about priorities. Thank you God for all of the great things that happened in this dirty house.


  1. Thank you for showing the important parts of your house. You would feel at home in my house, I am sure. I loved your blog, and enjoyed reading several of your blogs.

  2. Awesome! That could be my house. My children are all in college now, my middle child married and worried about keeping her house clean. Thank you for reminding that people are most important.