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All 4 girls have journals they write in. This is a habit I have tried to get in to...maybe I just should have typed it instead. Hopefully they will keep it up.

I think journals should be pretty (if you are a girl, at least).

If they can talk, they can journal. Even if it is just a few sentences about the day. Think of what they can learn with journaling! Remembering the day, sentences, sequencing, describing events, writing the day and date at the top...and much more.

I like to use a spinner for many things. We spin for which day of the week they will journal since there are FOUR of them and only one can write herself. It takes some time. I like to switch up the days since we do different things on different days.

They look forward to this. When I forget about it, they remind me.

This is what they write:

Monday, October 5

We made waffles for breakfast and pizza for lunch. Then we went shoe shopping. Then we went to Target. It wasn't night time. we got a cart. we went home. It was night time. The End
-Brookie, 3

Thursday, October 8
First we got up, go tdressed, made my bed, and ate breakfast. We drew pictures of rainbows. I drew a picture for Sheri because it was her birthday.

We pretended that we went to Hawaii beach and then went back to Shawnee. It was a long trip to Shawnee and the beach. When we picked up we said "tweek".

We went to gymnastics.We did candlesticks and handstands but Donovan was there. We went to the bookstore. Mommy left her purse and we went to get it. Then we went to McDonald's.
-Summer, 5

Thursday, October 22
We had breakfast. We had blueberry muffins. We got dressed. Then we went to Target, but Wendi forgot her wallet. we went to McDonald's for lunch. We cleaned the basement, got our tutus on, and went to gymnastics. I got a balloon. We went to Price Chopper. We got cupcakes, cheese sticks, and summer sausage. Then we went home and we ate summer sausage. The End.
-Ellie, 6

Monday, August 31
Today we had yogurt. This morning at breakfast we had yogurt with granola and berries. My favorite berry is a raspberry. And a blueberry.

Yesterday we were at Grandma's. We loved being there because there were kittens and cats. I like Pinky Pie and Ginger the best. Before we left, we had a drink named lemonade. It was pink. I was so good I drank it outside. It was yummy! Then we went home.

It's really fun to be home too. There are no dogs there.

Sometimes on the 4-wheeler both of the dogs chase us and they are going to go to where we go fishing and they go in the water and say "Let's go swimming!" They love to go there a lot.

One time I was outside sitting there where the dogs were. He (Grandpa) asked if I could go with him. I said "YES!". It was fun. Grandpa told me the dogs said "let's go swimming!" The End
-Savannah, 6

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