Friday, November 13, 2009

Brookie's Story

Today we wrote stories. We used the little paperback blank books- I've seen them at US toys and Mardel's. I'm sure any teacher store would have them.

Each one of them wrote a story. I'd like to share Brooke's.

Brooke is 3 1/2 and talks constantly. Really fun.

A worm, a ladybug, and a grasshopper did crawl, flew, and hop. There was a spider. We were there too. We were in town to see them.

We picked up the ladybug. Mommy picked it up becuase it is her nickname. Daddy's nickname is Country Bubba. (don't ask....) Summer's name is Daisy Flower, Savannah's nas is Butterfly. Ellie's name is Rainbow, and I am Puppy.

We had a puppy named Rosebud. Then there was Buddah. (She got this from Air Buddies.)There was 2 pet doggies. They were Buddah and Rosebud. (At this point I asked "What happened to the ladybugs?")The daddy ladybug, the mama ladybug, and the baby ladybug and the kid ladybug just flied.

("What happened to the worm?)The worm crawled to gymnastics to do a tuck. Then he crawled back with Natalie. (I have no idea who Natalie is.)Then they got a bat first and then they got a pumpkin. It was a pretend bat. It was Halloween.

("What happended to the grasshopper?") The grasshopper hopped back to IHOP.

The spider went somewhere to eat and make a spider web.

There was one more animal. A cow. And a pig and a horse. There was a baby pig and a mama pig. That what they are. There there were more horses. They were galloping.

Then the rocket ship got up in the air. It was pretend. The End.

We don't have a TV. But really, who needs a TV when you have a Brookie?

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