Sunday, November 29, 2009


One of my favorite authors is Dr. Kevin Leman. He is a funny psychologist with practical solutions to parenting challenges.

One time I heard him in an interview talk about how each of his children had pet names that he called them and this made each child feel special.

My Mom did this. I was the ladybug.

So, each of my children have a "nickname".

Savannah is my butterfly. She is the oldest, determined, and, of course beautiful! (I think every parent should think their child is beautiful, so I am not bragging, just being a mom :) This reminds me of a butterfly. I have a little chant for her:

Hey butterfly, hey butterfly hey!
Hey butterfly, hey butterfly hey!
Hey butterfly
Spread out your wings and fly!

Summer is my daisy flower. I named her daisy, but she said that it should be daisy flower, so daisy flower it is. When she was about 8 months old, I remember going to the Rain Forest Cafe with our family. She was sitting in a high chair, and there was jungle music playing. I was busy with her sister, I didn't pay attention to Summer until I looked over and she was "dancing" back and forth in her high chair with a huge smile on. It reminded me of a toy I saw years ago that was a dancing daisy. So daisy stuck. Here is her chant.

Hey daisy, hey daisy hey!
Hey daisy, hey daisy hey!
Hey daisy
Open your petals and dance!

Brookie is my puppy dog. Her personality showed within the first hour she was born. I knew she would someone that loves people. As she grew, she continued to be so happy and want to be with me, just like a little puppy. As a baby, she would stick out her tongue each time she smiled. Yep, she's my puppy dog. Loves hugs and kisses, loves to talk and hang out together.

Hey puppy dog, hey puppy dog hey!
Hey puppy dog, hey puppy dog hey!
Hey puppy dog,
Come here and give me a hug!

Ellie is a rainbow. A rainbow is a sign of a promise from God. Ellie is a miracle! She is bright and sunny, fun and happy.

Hey rainbow, hey rainbow hey!
Hey rainbow, hey rainbow hey!
Hey rainbow,
Come shine your colors on me!

Max is my tiger. He is all boy, and loves it when I roar at him.

Hey tiger, hey tiger hey!
Hey tiger, hey tiger hey!
Hey tiger
Show me your biggest ROAR!

He smiles through the entire chant until I say ROAR! Then his eyes get very big, his legs kick, and his arms flap up and down for about 20 seconds, then he relaxes and smiles again.

Nicknames are very important to each of the girls. When they meet someone at the park, they introduce themselves and then tell the new kid their nicknames.

They love it when someone buys them something with a picture of their nickname.

They want birthday cakes with their nicknames on them.

I really think this makes them feel loved.


  1. Nicknames really are fun! Max has gotten sooooo big! He is simply adorable... as are your girls!

    Mrs. NB

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