Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Morning Doodles

I had a GREAT day yesterday! It was fun going to bed with a clean kitchen!

When I have a clean table at night, I like to draw a little surprise for the girls....

I leave it on the kitchen table, so it is waiting for them in the morning.

They get up, get dressed and make their beds.

Then while they wait for breakfast, they draw on their paper.

They get so excited to see what is on their paper and how their name is drawn....

Today they were excited, even with the excitement of our first snow!

Brookie said she had a stairway....

Summer drew a picture of a sled....

and Savannah said she drew a picutre of being cold and drew fire around it so she wouldn't be so cold.

Sometimes I'll draw pictues of things that they are learning how to draw, like hearts and stars.

Then they will get excited about drawing it, too.

A morning doodle is the perfect way to start a creative day!!!!!!!!!

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