Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What You Have

As I am a student of my Father, I am learning that I have spent way to much time complaining about what I don't have. But He says to me that if I want more, I must recognize what I already have, make usefulness of it, and enjoy that. Only then will I have need of something more.

So my challenge as of now is to fully use what I already have.

  • The living space I have presently
  • The bottom line I see today
  • The talents and gifts I possess right now... not in a perfected matter, but with the knowledge I currently have.
  • The resources around me
  • The people in my life...some to encourage me, some to give me opportunity to give back, some to learn from, and some to practice patience and forgiveness! All are gifts. All are blessings.
  • This includes the husband I have today, not what I wish he was or wasn't
  • Natural resources. Clouds lift my spirits, the songs of birds do not require batteries, the smell of flowers grace us with their gift, and every other creature and plant serving a proper purpose.

With this persective, endless possibilities seem to open up.
  • I can take an inventory of what I have and ask myself if and how it can be used. This is a perfect way to use some creative thinking. It is good to think outside the box, but make sure it is really something useful. I think it always help to pray about it before..."God, what could I do with this?"
  • Look at my budget. Is there any spending I can eliminate? (We just recently got rid of Netflix) Am I using these resources the best possible way? Can I give more? Can I buy and give at the same time by buying from companies that give back?
  • Can I rearrange my furiniture to meet my needs better rather than buying everything new?
  • Do my kids really need so many toys? I find that without toys, they still play...even if it is with sticks. Find a stick and draw a face on it! Call it Mrs. Stick and then see what they come up with next. Exercise their creative brain.
  • I evaluate what I can buy used instead of new. Books are a good example. Dress up clothes.
  • Make playdough, or many other artsy supplies.
  • Since I have aleady paid for my recycling, I might as well use it to open up more space in my trash can. I need to ask myself, "Are there any other services avaliable to me that I am not using?" (library, community discounts, city parks, etc)
  • When planning birthdays, find ways to celebrate without several gifts. We have gone on trips and made memories, bought pets, shared experiences.... whatever is proper for that individual person. Use this opportunity to take some time to just celebrate, but don't always think of things. (Savannah's gift from Grandma this week is time with her and swimming lessons. She is THRILLED!)
  • I always need to be reminded what promises I have from God. This alone is all I need. Just as I'd rather have a chicken that lays golden eggs than a few golden eggs, I'd rather have the promises from God that I am blessed than a few blessings. This is the most important possession I have and ever will.
Yesterday we visited the Overland Park Arboredum, which does not cost a dime.

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