Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Talking to Bear and Other Fun Things

First of all, I think the smell of lilacs just put me in a good mood.

 Almost all of my flowers right now are purple...not on purpose. But the last of my tulips make me smile. The little tree shoots in the background do not make me smile, but I'll ignore them right now.
 Painting is always fun.
 This pot art courtesy of....
 Ellie. Happy, happy, happy day.
 Frisbee with Max.
 Sidewalk chalk...the entire box used up. And I'm so blessed to have a friend that gets right down with my kiddos. and looses herself in their play.
 Future artist, no doubt. I love watching her work.

 And talking to bear. Bear is my hero. He can change my son's mood almost instantly.

"Let's talk to bear!" It has to be one of the best activities to do, right under eating a sucker.

Bear is very talented. He reads books and can jump into bead. He calms down Max when he is hurt. He is our mediator when I can't get through to Max. Max will tell bear anything.

Bear lets him bite his nose and leave him on the floor.

Bear plays fair.

When Bear is tired, Max will go to bed.

And will accommodate any sleeping position.

But he gets the best kisses from Max.

Talking to Bear is a perfect way to end a great day.

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