Monday, April 23, 2012

Kudos to Daddy

Daddy has been saying, "Let's go somewhere" quite often lately.

We are loving it.

At the homeschool conference, I learned a little about writing a family mission statement. We are going to spend some time on this and Savannah is out of town this week, but I asked Sook his thoughts on it. His first response was, "I want to have fun together."

Good. So do I.

Here are a few things we've done together the last few days.

Saturday: Kaw Point Park, another check off the 8 wonders of Kansas: Geography.

Lewis and Clark stayed her for three days

with Clark's personal slave, York.

The Kansas (Kaw) River joins the Missouri. Downtown KC, MO is in the background.

And the cotton from the cottonwoods blew around us like snow.

Finding this place is like a maze through industrial KC, KS. Quite different from what Lewis and Clark saw!
Today it was our old standby, Deanna Rose Farmstead. But we don't get tired of it :)

Thank you, Sook, for joining us. It makes the day more fun...especially for me!

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