Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Week

I pulled in the driveway as we returned from a weekend at Grandma's and Summer announced that she left a few of her stuffed animals.

I said, "That's okay. We'll be back in a week so we can pick up whatever we forgot. Like Brooke."

The girls burst out laughing (so did Max- but I'm sure he didn't get it).

"We forgot Brooke!!!" they yelled.

That's okay, though. Brooke has been playing in the snow and swimming and making cookies and shopping with Grandma and Ellie. She is quite happy there.

And it's very quite here. At least half of the decibels that ring through these walls come from her. I love her. But I love quiet too.

And I have these snowflakes to remind me of her. I think fondly of the time she enthusiastically created them.

And the girls have been excited to be with Dad this week as I work. In their own words:

"We like being with Daddy because he lets us do whatever we want."

And I spend a large portion of my day comparing sodium nutritionals. And loved it.

I saw my husband for three minutes before he left. But I have these flowers he gave me to remind me how blessed I am.

 And I have reminders of this Christmas week all around.

And I am enjoying it.

Lookie here. Toby Mac and Adam Young. My heart just fluttered a little. :)

Sit down. Enjoy with me!

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