Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Bits

I told Mom that this year's Christmas was anti-climactic for me. And that's a good thing because it was good. But my life is good. Good is good.

We did our advent envelopes. It was definitely a positive thing. We are already talking about what to do next year. Maybe it's a start of a new tradition?

Christmas Eve was my Mennonite family Christmas. Christmas Eve service, followed by a family celebration....kid's songs, birthday cake, presents and food! Peppernuts, sugar cookies, chex mix, puppy chow, slushy punch, pinwheels, cheese dip, and deer jerky. It's always the same. And that's how we like it.

I'm pretty sure every single present was perfect for my family. Although I felt a little guilty for not getting the kids toys. But then when I think about how I am the one who gets to manage these toys, I don't feel anymore guilt. I got them Rosetta Stone. They'll thank me some day.

Actually, they are pretty excited. France, here we come!

Christmas day was the Lao Christmas. Family is good, no matter the food or language. It was a very nice day. They had deer jerky, too. Only it was Asian flavored. I'm guessing with fish sauce.

And there was even snow on the ground!

I sat in a very large, loud room with Lao music blaring and Pad Thai and Coronas lined up on the tables. And it hit me. It's Christmas Day. God bless America.

My third Christmas was with my extended family. Those I get to see every once and a while- but this year seemed to be more than most. Maybe even more next year?  Traditions are fun. People are a blessing.

Max keeps asking me, "sing baby Jesus?" (aka Away in the Manger). He sings along- none of the words he sings are words. Then I say, "Jesus loves Max."

"Jesus loves Max." he repeats and smiles.

And Savannah asked what a virgin is. ummmmmm.......

It was good. Mostly because God is good. And God is the reason why I have it good. And why I celebrate this season.

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