Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I saw an idea for a modge podge Christmas tree on some crafty blog that I would love to link here, but I can't seem to remember which one it was.

I don't do too many crafts because I don't usually know what to do with them after they are done! But homemade Christmas ornaments I can handle. They go on the tree.

I modified this craft so I didn't have to go to the store.

1. Styrofoam balls
2. Pipe cleaners
3. Scrap paper
4. Modge Podge (or Elmer's glue mixed with water)
5. Paint brushes
6. Any other magical supplies your craft drawer holds.

First, make a loop with a 3-4" pipe cleaner. Stick it into the syrofoam ball.

Then, tear small pieces of scrap paper or magazine pages, glue on with Modge Podge, and paint over the paper again with Modge Podge.

Do this until the ball is covered.

Let dry.

Add gems or glitter or puffy paint for the finishing touches.

This was our advent activity for Dec. 6

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