Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten Things To Be Happy About

I started out the day kinda feeling sorry for myself. I think it was because I wrote about how blessed I was last night.

I got the chance to battle this in alone time with God this afternoon. I'm better now.

So I have ten things that have made me happy today:

1) My camera works again!! I knew I had to give it one last try, and it came through. My pictures were even still on it. That makes me happy!

2) My husband is fun. Once and a while I have flashbacks from a few years ago when I was ready to leave at any given afternoon because he was so miserable to be around. I just does not happen anymore. It makes me love him so much more when he's fun!

3) Chocolate.

4) Max has requested to do math the past few days. He is so proud of himself because he can do math like his sisters. And I am proud to say that my son knows what his shapes are.

5) Poinsettias. Especially the glittery ones.

6) The fact that I am preparing Christmas cards to send. They are glittery too. I have gotten out of that habit since....probably since I had kids. I just hope they actually get sent.

7) The Internet that has dozen or so resources (that I know and trust) I can go to when I need a good word. Or a song.

8) My three little angels that are a part of Christmas plays and talent shows. I'm so glad we're free to celebrate Christmas!

9) My niece, who has been on my mind since I saw her last Sunday. People have choices to make that will make all the difference. I'm thankful that she is learning that she does have a choice, and I'm seeing it change her each time we meet.

10) Hope in the promise that there is more to come, bigger tasks to accomplish, better lives to live.

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