Monday, December 5, 2011


Finally! I get to blog about my priorities. My girls promised me they weren't coming back out of their rooms after 456 kisses and 58 hugs, drinks of water, 101 questions, prayers and final tucking in, they knew they were pushing it.

I sat down and browsed through new posts from my blog list. I admit, I envied some. Arrgh! I want a new camera. Then, I want to know how to use it and take fantastic pictures and post them here. I had a descent camera and left it to be rained on. But I really want a NICE camera. I thought it might be the Christmas to go buy myself something (along with a complete makeover- but I was going to excuse that away by saying it was for my husband).  However, I talk big but could never do it. Somewhere along the line I stopped spending money on myself.

I wish I could be the person that did and never felt an ounce of guilt. But if I was, I would have never married Sook. I think he'll agree- he wouldn't have married me either.

A few days ago I was telling my parents how I tried Max out on a bicycle in Wal-Mart. He didn't want the bicycle. He wanted the Gator right next to the bicycle. Then his eyes wandered further down the isle to a Cars car and said, "I wan dat!" Coincidentally, it was the most expensive item in the isle. Mom turned to Dad and said, "Does that remind you of his mother?"

Apparently I never had a problem with spending my parent's money.

And as I snuck MY snack (mini snickers) out of the kitchen I thought, "you know what really sounds good? Truffles." I don't have any at the moment since last time I was given the opportunity the Snickers was a few bucks cheaper. But my thoughts continued, " I don't really want store bought ones, though. I want homemade truffles made by me from my very large kitchen that is always used because I'm dishing up all fresh from scratch gourmet organic foods that are also very good for you. And I'd be wearing a very vintage apron and cute little homemaker/hottie dress with makeup and hair all done up." oh, "and my house would always smell good.".

Ohmygosh. Did I just say that out loud?

What was I blogging about again? Oh. Priorities.

OK. This week's advent play we did was about preparing for Christmas. It's theme was evaluating priorities and re-committing our lives to line up with Christ's purpose for us.

One of our favorite quotes is from "Curious George: Follow That Monkey" where the man in the yellow hat has an important presentation and he ends up on a train with George and an elephant. And when he is looking for his pie charts, he finds them crumpled and stained.


I asked the girls what their priorities were.
1. A stuffed dalmatian.
2 A stuffed wolf.
3 Spending money.

Great. Time to re-align priorities. "Uh, what do you think God wants our priorities to be?"

Family! Jesus! Christmas! Friends! the Bible! Church!

Well, at least they had an idea as to how to answer this. Today I had them write a list of priorities so that later we would pray about them. The wolf still made it on to the list. At least it wasn't the only item.

After asking Savannah 12 times to complete this task, raising my voice a little each time, she handed me a well wrapped package (drawing paper folded and taped tightly). On it said, "To: my priority".

Inside was placed a single Tic Tac mint.

Sigh. My priorities spend all of my money and mess up my perfect homemaker dream. My priorities tug at my heart when I am convicted to give to someone in need. They beckon me home when part of me wants to escape to an exotic holiday. They fill my heart with more grace to give. They direct me to more unselfish acts when the other me is dragging her feet, longing for new shoes.

I still want nice things. I still want to be pampered and to relax. And laugh with someone older than eight. And I don't think there is anything wrong with it. I believe God will give me these things and more. Abundantly more. I am so grateful that God instills in us what are truly priorities and promises to bless us so that there is no need to sacrifice what is really important.

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