Monday, December 12, 2011


I teach my girls that they are princesses in the kingdom of God. I tell them how beautiful God made them and how many wonderful gifts they have to be used for good. I tell them these things in order for them to know everything they have because of Jesus, and use a princess picture so they can imagine their value, and imagine who they are simply because of their relation to the King of Kings.

I deeply want them to know their worth, to be a conqueror, and never be a victim. I believe this is possible.

It's easy for me to say these things to, in my own eyes, the most lovely creatures I know, for they are my children.

As for myself, this is much more difficult. So as it will happen, one day after I blessed each of my children and put them to bed, I was convicted of this hypocrisy. I wasn't a very good receiver.

Once I understood my offense, it was clear that almost everything that I either complained about or pitied myself over was a matter of my own doing. It could have been because I was too prideful or that I thought I had to earn everything but never settled the tab. It could be that my own picture of my worth was less than worthy. Most likely, it was a combination of them all. Everything I needed was already available to me. I just didn't accept them.

Since then, I have been much better at receiving- whether it be a compliment or a gift, or maybe a blessing from God. My thanksgivings have multiplied and my peace has snuffed out discontent. And my hope as grown like a weed.

I am looking forward to this Christmas more than ever because I am giddy over Christmas cards, blinking lights, my children's crafts, and gifts wrapped with special thoughts. I have many people in my life that I love dearly, and they have been very generous to me, but the love of my Father God far outshines these. Though I don't fully understand the sacrifice Jesus made for all of humanity, I know it is better than a lottery winning or fame or any other wild dream I can think up. And it is here. It never expires, and the more I do know about it, the more wonderful it becomes.

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