Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suddenly I Don't Care About My Nails

I have short fingers. I used to bite my nails, so they are not so pretty. I dig in the dirt alot and I don't like to wear gloves and painting, dishes, cleaning, and other mom jobs get them dirty, too. I don't choose to spend my money on professional maintenance. So I often look at my hands and think about how I such ugly they are and even worry about it sometimes.

This morning after I got up at sunrise and fed Max I went back to sleep and had a dream. I was on a boat that was a large flat board with a rounded tarp on top. I was with my family, Mom, and Mother-In-Law and surrounded by people that were not speaking English. We were fleeing the US but I didn't understand why. I just knew that it was very dangerous for my children and I asked why we didn't need passports and no one told me a good answer.

It was weird and completely fiction I hope but I was left with residual emotions of what is really important. I'm glad a dream can do that and not an actual event. So today my dirty house, the ants, my plants that did not thrive through the summer heat, and my hands- all that didn't bother me.

this was my devotion. coincidence?

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