Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Art Bag

Like I said, our school will be starting soon and I was thinking of what I could do for Brookie (4) to keep her occupied when we are doing "older kids" stuff.

It's funny how we change with the number of kids. With Savannah I would have worked on including her as much as possible to enrich her inquisitive mind but that doesn't work with Brooke and I'm not willing to fight it.

She loves art. She is very messy about it, too. I could put a huge canvas outside and give her paint and she would spend all day on it. And it would probably end up completely brown because she just doesn't want to stop so she just keeps adding colors, mixing them one after another until they end up an ugly brown. Her buttons would probably burst with pride.

I found this cute art bag at Hobby Lobby and impulsively bought it (30% off, what can I say?) I used the list from this art Mom, and added a few more things (more impulsive buys). Totally worth it.

This is what it looks like when she organizes it....

Her sisters help, too.

I think the glue stick is her favorite thing...the kind that comes off purple. She doesn't use it to glue anything, just to color with it.

Check out the fancy bracelet she made for Daddy. He put it on without flinching. What a guy!;-)

As long as we can keep Max away, I think it might just work.

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