Friday, July 9, 2010

Nature's Playground

Whenever I say we are going to a park the kids think that means a playground park. Not all parks are alike. Today we went to a nature park with a natural playground.

First time around, the older girls ran ahead while Brookie lagged behind and climbed rocks.

A chipmunk watches Summer eat her snack.

He was not giving up easily.

The second time around the other girls realized how much fun the rock climbing was!

Climbing, climbing, climbing, then sliding down!

Pretend hoarse ride

Max had fun, too.
Playground equipment not needed.

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  1. We are going on vacation later this week to Rocky Mountain National Park...can't wait to get there after seeing these pics! We are going with a group of about 30 from our Sunday School Class. It is a "camping" trip. (In other words, everyone else is camping, but our family and another are renting a house and will spend our days at the camp site and our nights at the house. Love the idea of "day camping" and evening showers and real beds at night.