Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few More of My Favorite Things

Since I am not very organized and have overbooked myself every single day, I have to use my strength (creativity) to find ways to make it.

Prayer is no. 1. Days where I ask God for directions always go smoother and not to my glory, believe me.

A coffee shop with a play area. 20 minutes to read a devotional and plan the day. It works way better for me if I am out of the house.

Jelly Telly and What's In The Bible with Buck Denver. One of my goals for last year was to lay out a time line of biblical events so we could understand the Bible better. Phil Vischer made my life so much easier by creating these programs.

IXL Math- This works for us. I don't need to print off dozens of worksheets or buy books, we've got it covered here.
Giggle Learn- Love this.

A family membership to children's museums. We have one for Wonderscope. If you get the bigger package, you can also get free admission at other children's museums like Exploration Place, the Magic House, and Science City. This is well worth the money!

Zoo passes are great, too. Again, worth the money and you can visit a less amount of exhibits and just enjoy without feeling guilty.

YMCA family memberships. I find this as a great value, since childcare is not extra. We can go to any YMCA in the KC area and they try to find the best deal for you. I get a break from the kids but they are still right there, and I get a little hit of endorphins. Some also have indoor pools so we will be taking advantage of that this fall!

Get involved in a church! Many opportunities and blessings come from a church family. Again, they have childcare (YAAAAAY!) While I have my spirit refreshed. My church is Grace Christian Fellowship.

It is no secret that there is not a mother out there that does not get overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, mad, and cannot possibly be everything to everyone that needs her so....why not stop trying to be a super mom and take a break when you can? It took one whole year of homeschooling to figure this out. I hope this year will be an improvement!

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