Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I Love Homeschooling #5


Half of the time can be spent in the "classroom"- I mean, outdoors just talking about what we saw.

I have the privilege of growing up in the country where you can find something new every day. My parents welcome us most any time. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Full of nature. All we need to do is look and talk. Ask questions. Wonder.

"Mama, look! There is a huge bullfrog in the patio!"
"Are you sure it's a bullfrog?"
"Yes, it's huge!
"Let's go look."
"Oh, it is huge, but it is a toad."
"How do you know, Mama?"
"What does it's skin look like?"

Toads, toads everywhere. We are not sure where they come from but the patio was full of them from tinier than my pinkie fingernail to larger than my fist. They caught over 20, I'm sure.

Later that day all 4 girls ran screaming, out of breath, "I caught the big one! I caught the big one!"

They were relocated in a more appropriate place.

"Look at the tree we planted last year. How has it changed?"

"Here is a cicada shell. Mama! I remember the cicada we saw last year that was coming out of it's shell."

The Berenstain Bears Blaze a Trail"Can we Blaze a Trail?

(Yes, tiarras are allowed when trail blazin')

"Look at the sky! What's your favorite color?"

(GASP!) "There is an opossum on the deck eating the cat's food! What is it doing here during the day?"

"This tree has 16 rings on it."

"Look out the widow! There are one hundred thousand birds outside!"

"Wook at my fish! Max, do you want to touch my fish? Wook! He touched it, he wikes it!"

Even Max loves the outdoors.

This is my home school bible. I go back to it when I need encouragement or wisdom. It talks about the importance of nature. I love it because I agreed with it before I even read it.

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