Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things: Plants, Plants, Stickers, Plants

If you read one of my previous posts about friends I mentioned how friends enrich my life. Sheri So is one of those people. We are like two little girls giggling and full of excitement over anything pretty. 

One of our favorite stores is Family Tree Nursery. If you live in the KC area, you must go here! We made a date and went yesterday, Starbucks in hand. I love all plants...and even though I promised I would not buy any more perennials, I lied. My favorite, though? Succulents. I want one of each. I let Brooke and Summer each pick one out because they endured my addiction for way too long, and it meant more succulents in my house.

We made a terrarium. I've been wanting to do this for years and finally had the resources all at the right time. I still want to do more, though.
It had to be pink. One of my tactics to get the girls excited about it. I don't care about the color of the sand, though. I just want the succulents. It will look great in our bright blue play room!
I love the layers.

And if you were a little bug inside, like the one I picked off of my jade, you might see this.....

I know I said that Sook is lacking in romantic gestures, but look what he brought home today!
(the roses)
I can count less than my ten fingers how many times I've gotten flowers from him. He even commented on the color..."pink is good, right?"  What a great day!

Oh! and the Lucky Bamboo is one of my new purchases, too. The little balls in the jar were teeny tiny and grew when I put them in water...Sheri had given me a few and I couldn't wait to use them on a new bamboo.
Please ignore my messy kitchen! Blogging is much more fun than cleaning....

Check out my fun stickers that were gifts to! We know each other so well :)
Flowers and Ladybugs....

I have a burn from planting my flowers now. Oh, so fun. Sharing plants that need to be thinned, finding little seeds to try and plant next year...ooooh! I found some balloon plant seeds! I am exhausted from my favorite things. Good night!

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