Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I Love Homeschooling #4

Limited joy busters.

I love to see Brookie draw (or paint, or create about anything). I have no idea what it is most of the time but she loves to do it. She will work and work at it until it is just the way she wants it and is so proud! 

She told me the other day that she wasn't very good at drawing which broke my heart. It's a good thing that she also likes to talk because I can usually get down to the bottom of things with a talker. Well, she said that some other little girl from some social event told her that SHE (the other little girl) was a good drawer and Brookie wasn't very good at it.

Now, I know kids will be kids and this just happens. However, Brookie took this simple comment to heart and she really thought she wasn't good at it. I want plenty of interaction with other kids, but I want my girls to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly with me so that we can determine how to process these things. I was able to convince Brookie that she was not a bad drawer and she should just keep doing it.

Individuality is so beautiful when it is not so damaged that it is squelched, seen as a blessing rather than a plague! Such small comments from kids, teachers, parents, etc. can rob a child (or anyone for that matter) of a potential genius at work! How many people thought Picasso was no good- maybe some still think that but there are a great many people whom thoroughly enjoy his work. A truly beautiful person is one whom can celebrate their God given talents and joys without letting others determine what is right for them.

I don't want my kids to blend in with the rest of society. I want them to stand out! I pray daily that they will be the best at whatever God has made them to be, and God forbid I squelch their inner genius by trying to determine what that might be.

Here are some of her masterpieces:


No name here- she loves black.
"A party with balloons and a ladder"

Let the little ones draw, paint, create, imagine, write, and play without the joy busters.

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  1. That black one looks like the famous dancing native you see everywhere in New Mexico. :)