Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thoughts From the Bathtub- And Some Other Thoughts

I took a bath in our hotel room the other day. I haven't taken a bath in years. It was very nice. I could hear the kids fighting in the other room and I didn't have the urge to do anything about it. A few minutes later I could hear Sook giving the girls a slop drop on the king sized bed we squeezed into. It was nice.

When I grew up we had one bathroom with one bathtub. I didn't know how to take a shower until high school....I had taken one with the curtain hanging on the outside of the tub and water was all over the floor. I know, I'm a genius. But at least I did figure out the right way to shower from then on!

I remember working in the hog barns, with the whole family. Every so often we would have to clean them out with a power washer. You can't imagine where I would find dirt- and the smell! I would run to the house the second I had permission, trying to be the first in the tub.

Having dirty jobs at a young age makes you thankful for any other job that follows. It could only get better!

We only had 5 channels on the TV, I believe. No remote control. I don't feel robbed in any way.

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV (First Time Books(R))Now we don't have a TV. I don't miss it. The neighbor girl came over the other day while we were watching America's Funnies Home Videos on the Internet. She bragged, "We have a REAL TV at our house!" My girls didn't even flinch. They know too much TV is a bad idea. We can thank the Berenstain Bears for that.

My husband is all for the no TV thing too! He says we could be doing other things that are more productive. It is amazing how I still feel busy. When would I have time for TV?

As different as my husband and I would seem, we are very similar. I also had pho the other day. I have not had it in a while. It is so good! I do love (most of) the differences that my husband and I have. He has introduced delicious new foods to my palate, brought a new perspective to my thoughts, and, well, I just like people that are different...somewhat different, that is. Even though we were born on opposite ends of the earth we are still people, and people can still be similar. We are both quiet "thinkers", tend to be artistic in one way or another, and love family.

He made me laugh the other day when he said he worked hard to be able to marry an American woman. It was quite funny because he appeared to put little effort in dating. He is lacking in the romantic gestures. When he explained himself, though, I realized that he was right. From early on he worked on learning how American people think, act, how their sense of humor works, what their priorities are and so forth. That was quite flattering to me that I was the product of years of training for him!

Most of our arguments can be linked back to misunderstanding in communication. Not that he doesn't speak English well, but how things are phrased or where the perspective is coming from. Even after years of living among Americans, his Laotian roots still play a part in this relationship. But I always say each household is a different "mini-culture" so maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the color of our skin or our first language???

People are just so interesting. I was taking a bath to get ready for a wedding. The best weddings are the ones that show the couple's unique personality, and not trying to outdo anyone by doing what they think others will like. Sarah and Ken's wedding was beautiful- and unique to them .

I could ramble on but I think it would be just rambling, then!


  1. Love this! And I do remember staying at your house and taking a bath in your clawfoot tub when I was a kid.....I couldn't understand why a family didn't have a shower! Good times.