Thursday, September 27, 2012


This post is not intended for defense in my decisions or to fuel the war on education choices. It's just my perspective.
Reactions from non- homeschoolers regarding my choice to homeschool vary. But there are indeed reactions. Here is a list of the top five.
5. "Oh, yeah. My cousin's sister in law did that. I think it was because she didn't want to get up early in the morning."
4. "Why would you homeschool when there is a perfectly good public school available?"
3."I believe that is the best choice now days. Good for you" (Usually coming from a semi-retired grocery bagger)
2. "How will they have any social skills?"
and finally, the most common answer is:
1. (somewhere along the lines of) "I don't homeschool because I want my children to be smarter than me."
 I simply don't know how to respond to this with any grace or eloquence.
Because what I've found is that children want to learn. It may take some (or much) encouragement, but they do. And when they want to learn, they will.
I am convinced that the best thing for a teaching parent to do is to develop a love for learning.... take time to be curious... be okay with not knowing, but eager to find out...
and they will follow. 

Its like planting one small seed that will grow, flourish, and produce more seeds. I can plant the seed, weed out self doubt, and water with more questions, more research, and more application.

 If one does not wish to homeschool, that's fine. But I would disagree with the assumption that there has to be seven hours of classroom learning in order to produce brilliant minds.
Because if one has a desire along with the freedom to find the answers, learning will not stop at 3:00. It will not stop at age 18 or 22. It will not be contained within the walls of a classroom.

It will simply be a challenge for the student and the teacher.

 And challenges are rewarding indeed.


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