Saturday, September 15, 2012


Since work has been a focus for me lately, I decided to encourage my girls to help out a little. So, one day as I was leaving work, I said, "Repeat after me. Pro-act-ive."

"Proactive" they chimed in response.

"It means to do something without being told. That is what you need to do while I'm at work." (Daddy watches them, but does not enforce work since he's the sub).

They all decided that they could be proactive by brushing their teeth before he told them to. That was a start.

So when I leave, I say, "be proactive!" and we list a few things they could do.

When I get home, I ask, "how were you proactive today?" (cue the crickets)...

I am getting more responses now. They know what proactive means. Hopefully it will develop into a positive mindset.


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