Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here is a new word for the kids to mull over:

We have had fun with it; they tell me when they were generous or when someone was generous to them, and I point out generous observations We use the word a lot. Oh, and I get to hear the My Little Pony stories of Rarity, the pony whose element is generosity.

But here's my experience:

I can be angry, insecure, jealous, scared, pitiful, hopeless, and/or weary. Or, I can take whatever I've got, give in hope, and know I am victorious in multiple ways. Generosity brings life- to the recipient and the giver. That is a promise from God who will provide. And that is what I wish for my daughters in contrast to my history.

Here are a few opportunities for giving:

Forward Edge- I found this charity on the Sevenly website, featuring relief for families living in a dump, which is their source of survival. If you are willing to hurt a little, watch the video that Sevenly has on this cause.

Child Sponsorship through Compassion- Compassion is having a push for sponsorship this month, and would be a tragedy if I didn't share, because I love child sponsorship! And if you are not currently involved, I think you would love it, too. Compassion is a great way to reach someone you would never even think of, and make them a permanent name in your mind, and a child to keep in your heart.

Of course, generosity isn't limited to giving in money. It is time, patience, honor, inconvenience, and words of blessing. There are so many that need to receive, and many more that need to experience giving. Generosity is contagious.

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