Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Like Weird People

Some of my favorite people are very weird.

They do weird things. Like bang their heads on the wall
and talk to their food,
or rehearse the same conversation over and over again.

They eat food off the floor,
and pick their noses,
and pee in their pants.

They save candy wrappings for future inventions,
turn their bedroom into pollinator museums,
and pay employees with pennies. Or stickers, or hugs.

They decide to put uncooked spaghetti sticking out of the cooked spaghetti,
one for each year they've lived,
like birthday spaghetti. Then they tell me to put it on Pinterest.

They jump on their beds,
turn sticks into swords,
and talk most of the day in character.

They don't match their clothes,
sing very loud and off key,
and dance ballet in leotards and fairy wings.

Some need help reading.
Some want to read the same book over 28 times in a row.
Some just pretend to read.

They make up spontaneous songs
about strange yet relevant subjects
like dipping chicken into milk.

Most of the weird people I like are children.
But sometimes I wish grown-ups weren't so scared of being weird, just like them.
I'd like that.

Cause I like weird people.

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