Saturday, January 14, 2012

When Emotions Stir

Y'all know how we women can get once and a while.

Right now, I'm on the verge of a pity party. There are a few things that I miss. Like my husband. When will I ever see him again? When will we be alone for more than a few minutes? I dare dream of a date? Or even more absurd a vacation?

And my girlfriends. How I miss my days or nights with you uninterrupted, laughing till I cry!

Shopping and actually taking the time to try something on. In a nice store. (even if it is clearance)

A clean house? A house that I can actually get clean? That I can sit in a room and study in order to decorate appropriately?

What if I tried to actually do my hair again? Would I do it? Would I even know how?

I'm on the verge. Yet in my heart I hold my four favorite past times. And I think there may be some more for me in the future- some way some how.

Given the choice, I would not change my place in life. I may change a few things about my husband's work schedule, but he says not to complain about having work.

As I selfishly peer into the what if's of a different life, my devotion's sidebar provides this quote:

We have no right to decide where we should be placed, or to have preconceived ideas as to what God is preparing us to do. God engineers everything; and wherever He places us, our one supreme goal should be to pour out our lives in wholehearted devotion to Him in that particular work. “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might . . .” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).
                                                                                                               -Oswald Chambers

So I am swept back into the desire to pour my heart into whatever God made me for, which is something I have not completely figured out yet. Pity party over.

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